If you are planning on doing some bathroom renovation in the near future, it’s best to know the important things to ask your bathroom electrician and contractor. The fact is that he’ll not tell you all the facets of the makeovers simply because he’d not know what exactly you want.

Question #1: What lighting should be in the bathroom and when to call the electrical contractor?

A bathroom is actually a place you visit first once you wake up. You should feel and look great before you start the day, and lights in the bathroom offer quite a bit to do with it. At the same time, right after you just went through the cost and hassle of remodeling, you’ll want to showcase the mosaic tile or any other stunning details. In the end, the demolition and set-up are done when you call your electrical contractor for evaluation. You can tell him about the general redesigning plan and the way the tiles will be installed. If you’re planning for a wall, you can simply tell him to fit a low voltage or some other specialty light system on the roof and ensure that it’s installed far enough from the feature wall to keep away from shadows.

Question #2: What’s the real cost of the marble floor tile?

If you opted for natural stone floor tile or even travertine marble stone with different design versions, then chances are you will pay out a lot more than the first cost times sq. footage. For instance, your bathrooms tile contractor will certainly need about twenty-five % (25%) more materials for a good quality set up.

Question #3: Will each and every style tile work for your bathroom?

You cannot assume all the walls in your bathroom are the same. For instance, a subway floor tile pattern is only going to look great if your walls are even. Pick a more adaptable pattern for uneven wall surfaces. Subway floor tile pattern will certainly create a less conventional, more youthful look in your bathroom even when classic marble floor tile is used.

Question #4: How can you steer clear of slips/falls in the shower area and exactly what makes a floor tile last?

Utilizing a polished marble floor in your shower area is not a good idea. It’s the primary cause for slips and slides and hospital visits. Make use of a slip-proof floor tile in the bathroom. The shower area tile shouldn’t be larger than 4″ X 4″. I prefer smaller sized mosaics for example 2″ × 2″ or 1″X 1″. There are many tile solutions as well, for example, special coating or solid surface. On the other hand, try to stay with smaller shower area floor tile for the safety.

As soon as the marble floor tiles are set up and the cement cured, you have to seal it with a specific kind of sealant. Soon after 3 to 4 days, you can rinse it with a granite cleaner obtainable in many specialty floor tile stores. Do not ever use coarse cleaners to wash the bathroom marble floor tile.


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