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General Types of Hot Water Systems

Hot water systems struggled a lot to be a stuff of importance. Since long back they were in existence however, we never noticed these heroes and the work they have been doing for us.

You might imagine how difficult your life would have been without them. They provided us with so much of ease and convenience still we failed to show our gratitude to the water heaters.

History of the hot water systems:

The first hot water system was made in the year 1868 by a painter Ben Maughan and named ‘Geyser’. In this water heater, Ben used a gas burner for heating the cold water pipe which was ahead attached to the tub or sink.

However, the design was later taken back because it has derived many deaths due to the carbon monoxide explosion. Later in 1890s Edwin Rudd, a Norwegian engineer discovered a hot water systems which was fully automatic gas storage tank. What Edwin invented was a true marvel as around 120 years after the discovery we are still using the same heaters in our homes.

Being a market all tight with hot water systems, during replacement it becomes a hard time selection. Just to make this tough situation easy for you, we have come up with the three types of hot water systems, gained a good popularity today:

Types of hot water systems

Storage Heaters:hot-water-systems

The working of storage water heaters is just as same as the electrical kettles. The water is heated by an element where energy gets converted into heat. Water’s Convection movement inside the heater helps to stir or let the water move. After getting heated or after reaching the desired temperature the water heater automatically switches off. With this, we can say that this hot water system uses the same method of gas and electric.

The temperature of the water is controlled by the application of thermostats. Here thermostat works like an automated switch. When the temperature of water falls below a certain level thermostat get energized and hence transfer the heat to the water ultimately making it hot to the desired extent.

The gas storage water heaters work just the same however the only difference lies in the element supplying energy to water. Here instead of an element, we use gas burner placed at the bottom of the storage tank and thus supplying heat to the water. This one as well as a thermostat called unitrol.

The electronic storage water heaters are designed for indoor usage wherein the gas storage hot water system serves the outdoor.

On-demand Water Heater Systems:

Instantaneous, tankless or rather on demand is another type of hot water system that is very much popular. This can be incorporated into a water heating system which uses solar heating or storage tank.

Most of the on-demand hot water systems work on a flow sensor that activates a gas burner heating the heat exchanger. For an indoor purpose like bathrooms and kitchens, we even have indoor instantaneous electric water heaters.

A good number of buyers get attracted towards this due to lesser electric bills but the high maintenance cost makes this one a not so convenient option.

Solar Hot water systems:Solar-Heating-water-systems

These are the most efficient and cost-effective heaters available in the market. These water heaters are divided into two forms Active and Passive.

The active solar water heater uses a pump for water circulation throughout solar collectors and storage tank.

Passive heaters draw off the hot water as cold water tanks its place and move into the storage tank.

Here the secondary source of heating becomes electricity making this one the most convenient, energy efficiency and environment-friendly choice.

Conclusion: Hot water systems are the part of our daily routine and due to this they require some care and some sometimes even a switching. You can call us let us help you with the best hot water system.

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