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Just because you decided to get a shower instead of a bathtub, it does not mean that your bathroom can’t look elegant and luxurious. The shower enclosure can change the vibe of your bathroom and there are plenty of choices available.

You can pick different styles and sizes and there is one for each type of bathroom. Nevertheless, before you choose one, you will have to take into account all the little details and make sure that you do not overlook anything.

Check the technical aspects

Before you get a shower enclosure you have to make sure that you know what all the requirements for it are. For example, check the ventilation options. You might need a ceiling ventilation fan and those can be installed easily either inside or outside the shower. However, if the shower doors are sealed floor to ceiling the steam might damage your ceiling, which Is not good.

You should also see what are the requirements for each shower enclosure. For example, if you want a shower cubicle made out of glass you will have to make sure that you can install heavy doors in your bathroom. If you choose a panel slider, which is more convenient since the weight is not supported only by the wall.

Get the measurements

It is important that you have accurate measurements since everything must go together the right way. You should find out exactly how big the enclosure should be and where the door will be installed. Make sure that you also have enough space to open the door.

You should also know that the walls and the ceiling don’t always have the perfect 90 degrees angle so you will have to measure that as well. Make sure that you know how your shower door will be placed and check to see if it fits properly.

Decide the style

Now that you handled all the technical aspects, you can finally think about the design of the shower. It is very important that you combine beauty and functionality. When it comes to the style, you should think about how you want your bathroom to be like.Shower Enclosure DZ938

If you are going for something more modern you can choose walk in showers, since they are definitely a central piece in anyone’s bathroom and their elegant design should match perfectly a contemporary style.

If you want something smaller you can choose shower cubicles. There are plenty of shower cubicles at Bella Bathrooms and they are perfectly for a smaller bathroom that does not have too much space. Cubicles are also a good idea if you want to save some space for something else, like a bathtub for example.

If you are one of that persons that wants both a bathtub and a shower, you can have both by installing shower screens, they allow you to take baths, but they will also protect your bathroom from water when you decide to take a shower there.

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