When faced with a choice of installing a hot tub a swimming pool or, many people will opt for a swimming pool, even though the installation costs are higher, and the maintenance is not only astronomically more expensive, but more complicated as well.

The main reason these people list is that they cannot use their hot tubs in the summer when they feel like swimming the most. However, this is far from the truth, and you can use your hot tub as a summer feature just as you would a swimming pool; all that at a fraction of the cost.

Night Dipping

romantic-hottubIf you are not a fan of swimming pools and staying in the sun, it makes sense to choose a hot tub. Not only are they predominantly used in the cooler part of the year, they also let you regulate the temperature of the water much more effectively.

Keeping that in mind, you can still use your hot tub in the summer and avoid the scorching heat and the harsh sun – simply use your hot tub at night. Most modern hot tubs have ambient lights, which make orientation in the dark a breeze.

The lower temperatures at night also mean that you won’t have to temper with the water temperature as it will be just warm enough to keep you pleasant, but not too hot to make you want to leave.

Temperature Regulation

The water inside the hot tub is much less prone to temperature oscillations than that in the pool. The main reason is that the walls of the hot tub are thick and insulated, protecting the contents of the hot tub from drastic variations.

When you decide to actually use your hot tub, you can regulate the temperature of the water using the built-in thermostat. Set it to a temperature a bit lower than your body temperature, and you will feel the refreshing cool. Our bodies are typically around 98.5°F, so anything in the range of 80-85°F should feel refreshing.

Temperature Tricks

If you want to keep your water from heating up too much during the heat of the day, you should probably use the hot tub cover when you are not using it.

Additionally, if you turn on your air jets, you can actually reduce the temperature quite noticeably, especially on cooler nights.

Even If You Are Feeling Cool, Be Mindful of the Sun

Relaxing in your hot tub with the air jets bubbling the water around you, you may feel really relaxed and refreshed. However, don’t forget that the sun is still blazing and it is still summer. What’s more, being in water only increases the effect the sun has on your skin, even though you may not feel it at all.

Always use sunscreen and, if possible, avoid spending too much of your time exposed to the sun directly, especially in the hottest part of the day.

On the same front, drink plenty of fluids because you will lose quite a lot of it as well. Once again, being surrounded by water, you may not feel it as much, but rest assured that it is happening. Some nutritionists and doctors would tell you to avoid sugary and alcoholic drinks, but relaxing in a hot tub is sometimes inseparable from this.

Keep Your Hot Tub Clean

No matter how much or little you plan to use your hot tub this summer, make sure that you are keeping it as clean as possible. If you have been a hot tub owner for a while now, you know what is important – keeping your filters clean and replacing them regularly, as well as testing the water chemical levels and adjusting them if necessary.

If you are new to the world of hot tubs, make sure to ask your hot tub installer everything you want to know, or make sure that you read the instruction manual carefully. The better care you take of the hot tub, the longer you will be able to enjoy it.

Swimming pools are all the rage during the summer, throwing the humble hot tub into the background until it is time to close the pools. However, it doesn’t have to be like that if you are resourceful and willing to experiment a bit.


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