Home remodeling is on the rise, and bathrooms are one of the most commonly remodeled rooms. However, bathrooms are one of the hardest rooms to remodel and decorate due to their unique nature. This is especially true when it comes to your bathroom’s flooring. Picking flooring for your bathroom is much different and harder than finding flooring for your kitchen and living room. Bathroom floors take a beating due to the potential of large amounts of water making its way to the floor. This means you want flooring that is durable and easy to clean, but you also must balance these needs with your typical flooring wants of looks and a low prices.

Here are some of the best flooring options for your bathroom.


When it comes to bathroom tiles, porcelain may be the best option that you can go with. Porcelain fulfills almost all the needs that you would want out of a bathroom floor. This includes the fact that it is waterproof and relatively cheap. In addition, Porcelain tiles are extremely versatile in appearance, allowing you complete freedom in designing how your bathroom floor looks. However, porcelain tiles do have their downsides. Porcelain tiles are generally cold to the touch and can sometimes be extremely slippery when wet. However, these downsides do not outweigh the positives of using porcelain and with some careful planning can be easily overcome. Any realtor in Albuquerque, NM or anywhere else would probably recommend porcelain bathroom flooring if you are looking for an easy and affordable way to improve your home’s look and value.   


Laminate flooring for a bathroom may surprise you, but it is far more practical than some other flooring options out there. Laminate flooring is stylish and is extremely durable. In fact, this type of flooring could last you for decades before requiring a replacement. Durability and toughness is extremely important when it comes to bathroom flooring since your bathroom tiles are constantly taking a beating. Spills and overflows from your shower or bath can be extremely common, especially if you have children. Thankfully, laminate flooring can handle just about anything and still look extremely appealing at the same time.



Stone flooring is by far one of the most aesthetically pleasing options for your bathroom flooring, but is also one of the most expensive options. Stone flooring is not only amazing looking, but is also extremely practical. This type of flooring is hard and durable, but suffers the same problems as porcelain floors suffer from in the fact that its tiles are lacking heat and can become slippery. A slippery bathroom floor is very serious, as it actually can make your bathroom one of the most dangerous rooms of your home. Slipping and falling can be very serious and lead to some pretty bad injuries. However, if you are careful and can fit stone flooring into your budget then its aesthetics and durability should be enough to warrant some consideration.


Vinyl is an extremely practical choice for bathroom flooring, so it is no surprise that it is one of the most commonly used bathroom flooring options. Vinyl is extremely water friendly, so you don’t have to worry about how spills and overflows will affect your bathroom floor. Vinyl is also extremely versatile in its style, meaning you can design your vinyl bathroom floor with various designs and colors. However, if installed incorrectly then it is very easy for a vinyl flooring’s durability to wear down quickly. Poor seams could lead to you having to replace your flooring again much sooner than you would have liked, so make sure everything goes smoothly with the installation.  


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