Your bathroom should be a haven away from the stress of day-to-day life, a place to relax and soak your troubles away, and a place to make yourself look and feel good. We don’t often consider safety when we use our bathrooms, aside from perhaps using a mat to stand on to avoid slipping on a wet floor. Bathrooms, despite being a place where we clean ourselves, can also be a haven for germs. But with modern bathrooms having more features than ever before, such as heated towel rails and color changing lighting, our approach to safety in the bathroom should also be a priority. Here are some safety tips to consider in your bathroom.


Chemicals from cleaning products and toiletries can pose a health risk if not used properly. When cleaning your bathroom, make sure you ventilate by opening windows, as spraying cleaning product puts chemical in the air that should not be breathed in. Opt for natural cleaning products where you can, or make your own with many holistic cleaning solution recipes found online.

Keep cleaning products and toiletries, such as shampoo, out of reach of young children who might ingest them.


Your bathroom can be a place for germs to breed, especially around the toilet, floor, faucet and door handles. Clean regularly with an antibacterial solution.

Also, remember to close the toilet lid before you flush. Flushing causes minute droplets of toilet water to spray into the air, which then settles over everything around it. Keep germs contained by keeping the lid closed!



One of the most dangerous things about bathrooms is the slip hazards that come from a wet floor. Use an absorbent floor mat when getting out of the bath or shower, and clean up any excess water afterward.

Keep a close watch on children who may slip while in the bathroom. If there are older adults in your home, consider installing grab rails to assist them where needed.

Fire Risks

A bathroom is not usually a place that you think or when you consider fire risks, but there are lots to be cautious over.

Over time, there can be a build-up of lint inside vents and exhaust fans, and this is flammable. Having a maintenance procedure in place will help minimize the risks, but if you are looking for ways to repair a bathroom after a small fire, then you will need to look for fire damage restoration service in your area.

Old wiring is also a potential fire hazard, so if your wiring is not up to modern regulations then get it replaced.

Water damage

Your bathroom uses a lot of water, so there is often the issue of water damage to contend with! Leaking bathtubs or pipework can drip onto wooden flooring or panels that cause damage over time. Wood will eventually rot when in contact with water, plus bacteria and mold can grow that present a health hazard.

Inspect pipework regularly and fix any leaks as soon as you can. Repair any areas that allow water to escape onto your flooring.


Mold is the black or brown spots that appear on damp walls, floors, and ceilings, and it is made from different species of fungus that spread through spores. While some molds are not harmful, others can be dangerous.

Black mold is one that causes the most concern, as if the spores are breathed in, it can cause some nasty illnesses and conditions. However, all mold can cause respiratory conditions, allergic reactions, and dizziness.

Signs of mold might not be present visible; rather you might smell a musty scent in your bathroom. In which case, you will need to find where the mold is growing, such as behind bathtub paneling. If you do spot mold, begin by cleaning the area, and use a face mask to avoid breathing in spores. You then need to find the cause and fix it to prevent it from growing back. If you are not able to, then there are professional bathroom services that can do so for a fee.

Your bathroom should be a place for you and other people in your home to enjoy, and not be a potential health hazard. Be sensible about where you keep toiletries, sharp objects and medicines, take care when using and storing cleaning products, and take care to keep floors dry. Also, inspect the pipework in your bathroom for damage, as well as cleaning ventilation and fans, and you should be able to stop any problems before they start, leaving you with a safe and clean bathroom!


Contributed by: Beauty Saunas and Baths – Foremost experts in bathrooms and bathroom fixtures