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Steam Shower/ Whirlpool Bathtub DA333 F8 60″x60″x91″


Soothe those aching muscles in a steam shower and whirlpool bath combo that is a pure bliss of spa therapy and spacious bathing.

This state of the art  combo steam shower and whirlpool bath with its tempered glass paneling will elevate your home bathroom into a luxurious living space and spa oasis. With this elegant shower and whirlpool tub, spacious enough for two, you can immerse yourself in hours of tranquillity and therapeutic jet water massage.

Let your body and mind give into the healing powers of aromatherapy, warm jet soaks and ambient light therapy. Sip on a glass of wine while surrounded by the sound and sensation of whirling jets. With its sleek design, touch screen control and FM radio, this opulent unit will transport you to the poshest of spas.

Rejuvenate with hot spring showers or soak in a warm bath equipped with directional body spray, hand held shower head, six massage jets and overhead rain shower. Indulge in daily water massages to revitalize your body and stimulate your mind. This unit is self-contained and operates with a built in steam generator, cleaning function, thermostatic valve and  ventilation fan.

With dimensions of 59 x 59 x 89 inches, this is the queen of all tubs with a corner design. This European styled space age tub and shower is the epitome of elegance, spaciousness and relaxation.

Shower  Features:

  • Spaciously combined steam shower / whirlpool bath for two people.
  • Touch Screen control environment with FM radio, internal temperature regulation, ventilation, steam generator and cleaning function.
  • Soothing spa treatments with chroma and aromatherapy.
  • Elegant design in sleek black glass with surrounding skirt.
    Luxurious space surrounded in finely crafted, tempered glass panels.
  • European style shower with multiple bathing options including six massage jets, hand shower wand and rain shower.
  • Thermostatic faucet to prevent scalding.
  • CSA and UL Certified for Canada and USA.
  • Drain with trap for cleaning and anti-clog.


Additional Information


Cubed Shipping Weight 1452 lbs
Dimensions 59.1 x 59.1 x 91 in
Actual Weight 735
Manufacturer EAGO
Warranty 3yrs
Whirlpool massage jets 18
Touch Screen Computer control Yes
Tub Water capacity 275 liters
Ventilator Fan Yes
FM radio Yes
Steam generator 6KW/220V/30Amp
Aroma therapy Dispenser Yes
CSA and UL Certified for Canada and USA Yes
Color Black
Body Spray Shower Jets 6
Color Chroma-Therapy Lights Yes
Hand Shower wand Yes
Seat Built in
Control System F8
Drain with trap Yes
Overhead Rain shower head Yes
Thermostatic faucet to prevent scalding Yes