Bathrooms come in different shapes and sizes, and this can either make your life very easy or very hard. If you’re tired of your current look, redoing your bathroom vanity is one of the fastest ways to improve your bathroom’s overall look and feel. One advantage is that it’s actually so easy that you can do it yourself, and so cheap you can get your new-look bathroom without selling your arm and/or leg. This article highlights three areas to consider when redoing your bathroom cabinets, and how to approach it for best results.

1. Change the mirrors

The mirror is a focal point in the bathroom, and changing it can actually lift your entire vanity’s image. If you have a limited vanity space, consider moving the entire vanity to the window-wall – this not only creates extra room to expand your vanity, but also provides good light which is essential to your morning routine in front of the mirror.


Smaller walls can benefit from frameless mirrors which allow you to make the most use of limited space. In addition, larger frameless mirrors can make the room appear larger than it is. If you have all the space, play around with mirrors of different shapes and sizes, including double-mirrors. A rule of thumb is that the outer edge of your mirror frame(s) should not extend beyond your vanity/bathroom cabinets.


2. Repaint and refinish your cabinets

Refinishing and repainting cabinets is actually easier than it sounds. If you have a small bathroom, you can create the illusion of space by investing in good lighting fixtures (next to the mirror is a good idea if your vanity is located away from natural light.), replacing handles and painting in bright colors.

Here are some handling tips to ensure your project goes well:

  • After removing doors and drawers to redo them, keep all your hardware in a safe place until you complete the project. You’ll need your hinges during reattachment, for instance. Sometimes, the screws that come with new handles may be too small for the holes on your furniture, in which case your old screws come in handy
  • Use sanding blocks to lighten your sanding work (done before repainting)
  • Allow plenty of time between paint or stain coats for proper drying. If you are on a clock, make sure you buy quick-drying paint and apply in light, even coats.
  • Foam brushes are cheap and easy-to-use for repainting. You can buy several sizes and simply throw them out when you’re done. (especially if you hate washing brushes)

Be sure to cover any areas that can stain easily, such as walls and floors, before you begin the messy work. This will save you hours in clean-up time.

3. Change your countertop

Changing your countertop will require some input from your plumber, because the sink needs to be removed and the water supply shut before you start. You can either have a wooden top, formica or granite countertop. If you are living in Phoenix, One advantage is it’s actually so easy that you can easily get granite, marble or quartz from phoenix cabinet company and they are available in a host of colors and price ranges. If you have a wooden countertop, be sure it is properly sealed with water-resistant varnish and sealant. Finally, be sure that the sink is replaced by a qualified plumber so that it doesn’t leak into your newly-done cabinet below.

Giving your bathroom a facelift doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Start with one thing at a time until you’ve redone your entire vanity, and then you can move on to other bathroom fixtures. Most of these ideas can be tackled over time, especially if you’re handy around the home.

Contributed by:  Beauty Saunas and Baths Calgary Vanity and bathroom product specialists