bathroom-backsplashFor some reason, not one of my bathroom sinks has a backsplash behind it. That means that I’m forever wiping away water and soap splotches. My tub and shower surrounds are tiled. If you own a steam shower, you don’t have to worry at all about a backsplash because the whole unit is entirely enclosed and waterproof.

Given that I’m in the mood for a little do-it-yourself, I thought I’d research some backsplash possibilities to install behind my bathroom sinks. Here’s what I discovered:



Yes, you read that correctly. Concrete isn’t just for sidewalks anymore. It’s been a trendy floor material in modern homes for quite a while. Now, it’s become an ideal backsplash choice. Why not, right? It’s water resistant. It’s beautiful. It can be tinted to match the color of your bathroom decor. It can really take on any look you want.



I can just hear the questions forming in your mind. Since when does wallpaper make an appropriate backsplash? Since it became waterproof, of course! Vinyl-coated wallpaper now comes in designs to match any taste. It can withstand moisture and regular cleaning.



Wood makes a stylish backsplash if it’s been treated or engineered to be waterproof. It’s already a popular flooring choice in kitchens. Bathroom backsplash is just the next frontier.



Tile is the old go-to, isn’t it? Despite its popularity, it’s not a boring backsplash material in the least. In fact, modern tile colors and designs make it forever stylish. You can mix the tile, too, with bamboo or wallpaper for a personalized look.

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