While design trends in homes seem to come and go, the one type of home that never seems to lose its appeal is a rustic home. There is just something so comforting in rustic architecture, and that includes interior design as well as exterior design. When it comes to the bathroom, this is often the most difficult room to create. Even so, with the innovative use of design elements like quartzite stone for vanities and as pedestals for vessel sinks, you’ve just created the focal point of a high-end rustic bathroom! Let’s look at some of the common elements of a rustic bathroom.

Freestanding Vanities and Vessel Sinks

As mentioned above, freestanding vanities with vessel sinks are an absolute must for a rustic bathroom. If you are wondering why the use of quartzite stone for the countertop in bathrooms but not in kitchens, the answer is really simple. Quartzite doesn’t handle the high temperatures like marble or granite and therefore is better used as a top for vanities and sinks. It has the same artistic elegance but is often a bit less expensive and some craftsmen say it’s easier to work with. The point is, the use of natural stone in bathrooms of rustic homes is the key element to focus on.

Clawfoot Bathtubs

GFK1700_clawfoot_bathtubWhat would a rustic bathroom be without a clawfoot bathtub? Just as rustic homes have freestanding sinks and vanities, so too are clawfoot tubs a common design element. However, here it is important to note that you will not want to use a separate walk-in shower in the same bathroom because it would spoil the look you are going for. However, have no fear if you must have your shower after a long day at work because the shower curtains for clawfoot tubs are suspended from the ceiling, circling the entire unit where you can still enjoy your shower. The only difference is that you will now need to step up and over, but that’s a small price to pay for the amazing appeal of a freestanding bathtub.

Candle Style Wall Sconces

Typically, rustic homes are modeled after traditional lodges as you would see at ski resorts. Stone and wood are going to be your key structural materials, but you will also notice that these homes also use a more ambient form of lighting. While you might install recessed overhead lighting which is bright, your bathroom wouldn’t be complete without candle-style wall sconces of which there are a huge number of styles to choose between.

Whether you are undergoing a major home renovation or are working with your builder on a new home, it pays to take the time to do a bit of searching around the web to get ideas for an authentic rustic bathroom. Remember to think natural stone, wood, and ambient lighting and you’ll have won half the battle. After that, brass and earth tones are important elements as well. Let your imagination go wild and before you know it, you will have a traditional rustic bathroom you actually enjoy taking a bath in! Wouldn’t that be nice for a change?


Contributed by: Aaron Gruenke foremost expert in bathroom design and bathroom fixtures