bathroom storage ideas


Bathroom Storage Ideas

A neat, clean and tidy bathroom can be more than a welcome change to come home to after a tiring day at work. And even a better incentive to get up early so that you get some extra time to spend in those refreshing surroundings to ready yourself for the day ahead. Much to your surprise it does not really take a lavish bathroom to make you relish these beautiful feelings. Simply having things at their respective places, can do wonders as well.

But for a bathroom to look organized day after day for years, chalking out storage space and giving a desirable design to any bathroom, be it big or small, is a challenge. Also, since not all bathrooms have a vanity installed, (the easiest way of finding ample storage) it certainly requires some planning for having optimum storage solutions to overcome this challenge.

But worry not, you are already at the right place! Read on to know how to overcome this fear of keeping a bath space in a fairly decent looking condition. Here are some of Blue Bath’s storage hacks!

  • For knick-knacks like toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, handwash, shaving kit, etc, have a glass shelf between the mirror and sink. Another great option is to replace the regular looking glass with a mirrored medicine cabinet above the sink to nicely camouflage the everyday essentials.
  • Have towel bars nailed at the back of the bath door for hanging towels and bathrobes. Also, an under sink organizer can be used to store towels, bathrobes and other supplies as well. Another storage hack is to have small racks or floating shelves adjacent to shower area for easy access to shampoos, shower gels and other often used toiletries. These racks and shelves can house a set of mason jars filled with cotton balls, earbuds, makeup tools, etc, to save space on the grooming station, i.e. the vanity, sink and, mirror area.
  • Baskets made of cane and wood along with refurbished old and used ladders can be another way of uniquely storing as well as displaying for easy reach all that you use everyday.
  • And above the door shelf, an almost invisible way of storage, can be used to keep things that need to be out of reach of children and adults alike. Like toilet cleaners, rolls of toilet paper, and other miscellaneous chemicals. If you have a bathroom with a bathtub, don’t feel that majority space is of no use. Get the tub installed with a pull-out drawer system to tuck away bath essentials.
  • Additional fancy hooks here and there to keep the space in order must be considered.

Places that are free of clutter and not heavy on the eyes are always more refreshing and inviting. It is all about being wise and using the area in hand in an innovative way.

We, at Beauty Saunas and Baths, want to reach out to our customers with solutions that transform and improve their quality of life for the better and go beyond being just a retailer of kitchen and bath fixtures.

Hope the tips and tricks listed help you, next time you realize it is time the bathroom gets its due attention.

Contributed by: Beauty Saunas and Baths