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Free standing clawfoot bathtub

Have the perfect bathtub can truly bring out the best sense style in bathroom décor. The bathroom should be a sanctuary that makes you feel welcome and pampered as soon as you step through the door, and as a centerpiece, the bathtub serves a very important role in creating this effect.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal, the bathtub should also have features to ensure it’s been made to the best standard in quality and utility for your needs. The following factors are all things to be on the lookout for in order to ensure that you make the best bathtub purchase at all times.

You are going to want to take some time to carefully consider of the inside measurements of the bathtub. The standard measurements of the bathtub are 5’ long by 30” wide and about 14“ to 16” high.

The average exterior measurements of the bathtub are generally between 5’ and 6’ long, while being anywhere between 30” to 60” wide. In order to ensure that your bathtub’s interior is a suitably comfortable fit, make sure to look at these measurements very carefully. There’s no point in buying a deluxe tub that you can’t fit into properly.

Be aware of the fact that not every bathtub that you choose will actually have the ability to have a shower installed. You should also ensure that the water heater of the bathtub is capable of filling the entire tub with hot water to your standards.

Depending on the weight of the bathtub, the floor beneath it just might have to be reinforced so that it doesn’t create any damage to the structural integrity of the home. In addition to taking note of the weight of the bathtub, you will also need to determine whether the drain and spout should be positioned on the right side or the left side.

Bathtub categories
Different models of bathtub will often be categorized into specific categories. The different categories of bathtubs consist of (but are not limited to) the following:

Platform bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs

Corner bathtubs

Recessed bathtubs

Platform bathtubs are the easiest of all types to clean and replace individual components, but they are a little bit more labor-intensive during installation. Freestanding bathtubs are easier to install than platform bathtubs, and they might allow for easier shower integration.

Whirlpool Jetted Bathtubs

Corner bathtubs, true to the name, are installed in the corner of the bathroom. Corner bathtubs generally do not accommodate a shower installation, but they do offer a number of design options.

Finally, recessed bathtub, also called alcove bathtubs, are attached to the walls on both ends and one edge. There is a single finished side, and many of them often have faucets that are mounted on the wall that make it easy to implement a shower.

Bathtub material
The material of the bathtub is another important element to consider. Lightweight acrylic material is resistant to abrasion, cultured marble gives many different options for colors and patterns, fiberglass is economical and versatile, and cast polymer does a very good job at retaining a sufficient amount of heat.


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