Cleaning floor in bathroom

Most people aren’t big fans of cleaning, but we still like everything around us to be clean and tidy. This incongruity makes cleaning one of the most difficult chores to make ourselves do. Fortunately, there are professional cleaning services like No More Chores.

Out of all the rooms in our homes, bathrooms take the number one spot of most hated places to clean, but with all the dirt and the water, they are often the most in need of cleaning. Not cleaning your bathroom for weeks on end and then spending an entire day scrubbing away isn’t exactly a way to endear this chore to you either. But, if you take a more systematic approach to cleaning your bathroom, you may find that it is not so bad and that doing a bit every day can really make it easier to maintain your bathroom’s cleanliness.


Daily Routines

There are some things which you can do every day, small things which can save you a lot of time cleaning up later, or even prevent the problems from ever forming. Moisture is one thing which you can probably control easily if you just pay attention to it. When you take a shower, make sure to turn on the fan to dissipate the moisture. This will help prevent the buildup of mold and mildew which can escalate into a health hazard, and not just a nuisance to clean.

Furthermore, make sure that your shower curtains, your towels, and floor mats are all left to dry properly for the same reason. Some other things you can do on a daily basis which can help you keep your bathroom clean is wipe down the sink and the shower walls with a cloth or something similar. It will prevent the buildup of scum and limescale and ensure that your bathroom looks nice without too much effort. Professional cleaners tend to use a solution of water, vinegar, and lemon juice to clean these surfaces; it makes them clean and smells nice.

Weekly Routines

Apart from the little daily tricks, you will need to do a bit more work about once a week. This might take a bit more time and effort than the daily cleaning, but certainly not hours upon hours you would spend cleaning the bathroom if you had no system at all. One of these tasks is cleaning the bath or shower in a bit more detail. Use a bathroom cleaner and warm water to ensure that you will get rid of all of the persistent dirt and grime.

You can also use a store-bought product, or a home-made limescale remover and polish all the metal parts in your bathroom. Water stains are very visible and can make your whole bathroom look shabby and unkempt, so pay attention to these details. Finally, if you feel the need, clean your toilet as a weekly routine. Some people feel the need to do this every week, or even more often, whereas others are happy to leave it as a part of bi-weekly/monthly cleaning.

Bi-Weekly or Monthly Cleaning

Only you know your bathroom that well that you can decide whether you will need to use the system of cleaning it once every two weeks, or once a month. Whatever frequency you opt for, the steps are largely the same. Cleaning the toilet is probably the least savory part of cleaning the bathroom, but it still needs to be done, so get to it.

Your mirrors and walls might also need cleaning from the buildup of moisture and therefore the water stains. You can use some mild detergent in order not to damage the surfaces. The floor also requires cleaning at least once a month, so make sure you don’t forget that. Finally, all of your towels need to be changed at least once a month, although some people insist on changing them once a week.

This bathroom cleaning plan is just a skeleton on which you can build your own routine and which can help you get organized and motivated to spend a little time each day and each week cleaning your bathroom bit by bit until it no longer seems like the most.


Contributed by: Beauty Saunas and Baths, Experts in Bathroom design and function.