hazards of DIY Plumbing

It is fortunate that both your bathroom and kitchen sinks lack a mouth because your home would be graced with unending complaints each day. Irrefutably, sinks and bathrooms are essential in any home, and cases of clogging due to the build-up of debris in your pipes are not uncommon. If drainage pipes were to get clogged, you would definitely notice and act quickly. What cause of action would you take in such a case? Well, you could probably opt for a DIY to unblock your drainage. However, this option comes with its fair share of drawbacks. Here are some of them.

  1. Damage to the Pipes and other Surfaces

Drain cleaners are often made of powerful chemicals like bleach, acids, and peroxide. As a result, these chemicals eat into everything, whether debris or your drainage pipes. Their chemical composition does not differentiate between the dirt in your plumbing system and your drainage pipes. They corrode anything and everything on their way. If not expertly used, these DIY cleaners splash and corrode pipes and surfaces. PVC pipes are highly susceptible to damage from drain cleaners since they soften the material each time they are used. Excessive use of these chemicals will eat into your pocket due to increased pipe repairs and replacement.

  1. Respiratory Hazard

Drain cleaners are highly toxic chemicals, which makes them hazardous. They are potentially fatal if accidentally inhaled or swallowed. Whenever possible, ensure you engage seasoned plumbing professionals like Plumbdog Perth who have the right equipment and skills necessary to satisfactorily handle the task. In some instances, these cleaning agents could react with the clogged-up debris in the drainage pipe to create a toxic gas that is harmful to your respiratory system and can also cause death in severe cases. Mixing of drain cleaners is largely discouraged because their reaction leads to the formation of a poisonous chlorine gas that is poisonous. If the chemicals are to be used, ensure it is done in a well-ventilated area by a professional.

  1. Burns and Corrosion

Most chemicals cause serious burns if they come into contact with the skin. Once added into your drain, a boiling effect ensues due to the acids in the cleaner, and if you are not careful, acidic steam can come out of the drain and corrode your kitchen or bathroom surface. In simple terms, strong drain cleaners have a very high risk of injury.

  1. Harming the Pets

According to a recent study, DIY drain cleaning affects not only your drainage system but also the surrounding areas. Therefore, if you resolve to make use of this method of drainage, be sure to remove any item especially those used by your pets to feed or play like the puddles. Liquid drain cleaners are not only fatal but also toxic to pets. Hence, after draining your sinks, it is prudent to ensure that the area around is thoroughly cleaned and keep off pets from the vicinity for a couple of days.


In as much as they are fast acting agents, DIY drain cleaners are not the best way to clear your clogged drainage system. It is prudent to contact a professional plumber who will assess the drainage condition of your drain pipes and then advise you accordingly.


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