When planning a home renovation, it’s easy to get excited about a new kitchen or family room, but we don’t always apply the same vigor and enthusiasm to a bathroom remodel. Yet in fact, updating your bathroom can create a phenomenal difference in aesthetic and feel to your home, as well as adding value to your property should you choose to sell.

If your bathroom has seen better days — or worse, isn’t functioning as it should be — it may be time to give it a makeover. To help you out, we’ve compiled five top tips for renovating your bathroom…


Small changes may work for an update

Good news: to renovate your bathroom, you needn’t rip out all existing fixtures and fittings and start again from scratch. Not only will making strategic minor updates save you time and money, but you’d be pleasantly surprised how simple it is to modernize your bathroom by replacing only a few items.

Prioritize the purchase of new faucets and other accessories, such as cabinet casings, which can look out-of-date, opting for silver and chrome accessories which will more reasonably stand the test of time. However, if you’re aiming for a retro or vintage bathroom feel, you may want to maintain these dated elements and introduce more up-cycled fittings to add to the aesthetic.

Use every inch of floor space

In most modern homes, bathrooms are the most squeezed for space. As such, you’ll want to maximize every inch of room you’ve got by investing in smart storage, as well as being mindful when it comes to the blueprint of your new space.

Ask yourself: do you truly need a bathtub, or not? Removing a tub from your bathroom plans opens up a lot more floor and storage space. Click here for inspirational ideas for smart bathroom layouts.

Opt for function over form with flooring

You may have a strong idea in mind for your bathroom floor, but remember that function is more important than form when it comes to flooring. If you want to use tiling, ensure you hire a professional service to lay them, or you risk damp issues in the rooms below.

Durability should be of utmost importance, as no matter how hard you try, water will continue to come into contact with your bathroom floor.

Improve air quality, for added benefits

Another important factor to consider is air quality; you should guarantee efficient ventilation in your renovated bathroom. If you notice your vanity mirrors take a long time to de-steam after a shower, you may have an issue with air flow.

Get help to improve your air quality from Introducing specific garden plants into your bathroom can help dehumidify the air as well.

Put your plans into practice, before you go ahead

Once you’ve drafted out a blueprint for your remodeled bathroom, it’s recommended you give the new dimensions a physical walk through before you start making changes. Have you provided ample room between the toilet and the water basin? Can you fully open the door, without knocking into your new shower cubicle? These are all design elements you want confirmed before putting down any investment.

Contributed by: Beauty Saunas and Baths, Foremost experts in bathroom fixtures and design.