Renovating a bathroom can be a big job. There are plumbing and electrical concerns when installing a steam shower or whirlpool bathtub. There are decor decisions to be made when choosing lighting, colors, and flooring.

With all of those choices to make, don’t forget about the bathroom vanity. Most of us tend to choose whatever vanity we come across at our local bathroom supply store. As long as it fits our general color and decor scheme, we’re happy.

But, there are a few more considerations you should keep in mind before carting that bathroom vanity home with you from the store.

Powder Room.

Most powder rooms are small. They can accommodate a toilet and sink. So, when choosing a vanity for the powder room, look for a small and narrow unit with minimal drawers. I would even steer you toward a floating model. Remember, this vanity won’t be used for storing hair dryers or bottles of shampoo. The less space it takes up the larger your powder room will look.

Master Bath. 

Bathroom Vanities CalgaryThe master bathroom is where I recommend you go all out in terms of style, form, and function. You will be looking at this vanity for as long as you are in your home. You will be using it every day. Why not style it the way you’d like. Love marble countertops? Go for it! Beyond style, the most important consideration here is storage. Choose a vanity that offers sufficient drawers and cabinet space. Having a place to stash everything away and out of sight (and neatly!) is key to peace of mind.

The Guest Room.

This is one bathroom that probably won’t be used a lot. So, why, you might ask, should you give it your attention. The reason is that you’ll want a place for guests that offers both you and them privacy. Choose a vanity for the guest bathroom that is midway between the powder room vanity and the master bathroom vanity. It should offer just enough storage for spare toothbrushes, an extra box of facial tissues, fresh towels, and soap. This is where guests can attend to their own needs without going through your personal stuff!

Does your current bathroom vanity work for you?

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