outdoor Bathtub

After a long day, who does not like to take a bath or a shower that offers refreshment and rejuvenation? The idea of taking a bath outside might seem peculiar to some, but if you can get past the feeling of “exposure,” you might find the experience pleasurable as it can encourage relaxation because of the nature surrounding you.


To build an outdoor bathroom, you do not need to have a lot of time. Even with the minimal materials and the smallest space, you can provide yourself with the outside bathroom of your dreams. With the right materials, some creative privacy adjustments and lots of nature you can set up an outdoor bathroom in no time.


Here are some choices you have when creating an outdoor bathroom:


Outdoor Baths:   outdoor-bathtubs

Finding the right bath for the ultimate bathing experience can be fun as there are many options. Outdoor baths can come in many shapes, colors and materials like, bathtub barrels, wooden outdoor tubs, synthetic baths, industrial outdoor tubs or baths made from stone. You can choose from a modern, classy look that will give you the feeling of luxury to a vintage tub like a claw foot bath, which will add some character to your outdoor surroundings. Outdoor baths can be built in as an inset tub on a porch as well. If you want some added comfort or relaxation, you can opt for an outdoor heating bath or outdoor spa bathtub. Whether you choose to go classy or rustic, for a romantic effect, you can hang fairy lights in the trees, and add a log as a side table to keep your drinks close by while you relax in the tub.

Outdoor Shower:

Water saving shower heads are making a trend in all bathrooms, and you can implement them in your outdoor bathroom as well. If you prefer the feeling of tranquillity when standing under the shower, then the rainfall shower head is an excellent choice. Whichever you choose, it does not matter as long as you can direct the run down water into the garden if you want to use water efficiently. It is important that the floor slopes slightly so that the water can run off and pass through a drainage hole. Choose a water resistant material as a floor base. A large stone, or laid out pebbles are simple choices that can look natural. You can also consider specialized wood or concrete with Terra Cotta tiles for a classy outdoor feel.


Make use of existing screening:

Plants can help you with a sense of privacy. Find an area in your garden where the trees or plants are many and place your bath or shower strategically where you feel less exposed. If you have two walls opposite each other or some hidden corners outside, add some tall pot-plant trees, and they can make the perfect little private spot for an outdoor bathroom.


Adding your screening:


If you do not have nature to give you some privacy, you can apply screening yourself. Screening can come in forms of corrugated metal, wood or even curtains. With some imagination, one can find recycled material and in creative ways turn them into a bathroom screen. When adding a roof over your outdoor shower or bath, it is the easiest to set up a bathroom right next to your house and extend a small roof coming from the wall of your house.


Design accordingly:


If you want to keep a sense of continuity in the garden, then you should repeat the same materials in your outside bathroom. Break the rules, by making the shower or bath area the focal point in your yard instead of hiding the bathroom somewhere in the garden or in between two walls of the house.


The whole point of an outside bathroom is to increase the sense of relaxation and peace through the natural surroundings. By taking away the roof over your head you can gaze at the stars while relaxing in the tub, doesn’t that just sound amazing? If you are still not convinced, take a look at some fantastic outdoor bathrooms around the world for some ideas and inspiration.