We all know molds and mildews in bathrooms are hazardous to your health, but many of us don’t know why. Even worse, a vast majority of bathroom allergens are making us sick without us ever knowing, due to their inconspicuous nature. Spot the symptoms now, and save the health of you and your family with these tips from Beauty Saunas and Baths infestations get too far.

bathroom exhaust fanThe vent fan is both a remedy and a culprit. Even if you run it often, three things can go wrong with a vent fan that can cause serious health issues in certain homes.

Firstly, most of us don’t leave them running near long enough. Run the vent fan during your entire shower and also 20 minutes after for maximum effectiveness.

Secondly, if your fan is over one year old, you should remove the grate and give it a thorough inspection. A shocking amount of harmful buildup can be found behind fans that haven’t been running properly, which can lead to difficulty breathing, increased asthma attacks, and itchy eyes and skin when the fan then spreads this buildup into the air. attic-ventalation

Finally, if your fan is ventilating to anywhere but outside, it could actually be making your moisture situation much worse than not running a fan at all. Improperly installed fans or fans in older homes often vent moisture into the attic, where it can become trapped and spread mold and mildew throughout your entire home.

Speaking of older homes, older bathrooms are a minefield of sneaky health hazards, many of which go unnoticed until it is too late and someone has already gotten ill. Signs of wear and tear on older tiles and fixtures may look harmless, but can actually harbor molds that will spread into your walls and release spores into the air every time they come into contact with moisture. If you find shrunken, missing or broken caulk or grout surrounding your tub or shower, you should call a professional immediately.

water marks and mold and mildewEven areas that still look good as new can be extremely dangerous if they were installed before building codes were more health conscious. Older vinyl floors were often made with asbestos, the cancer causing particle most well known for being found in old insulation. Lead in paint is also a common hazard, but many people don’t know it can also be found in the soldering of old plumbing and leak into your water!

If you or your family members have experienced relentless “allergies,” general irritations, or aggravated asthma symptoms inexplicably while living in your home, there’s a very good chance your bathroom could be to blame.

Contributed by: Beauty Saunas and Bath Calgary Bathroom Experts

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