When you own a home, which is not very spacious, then the chances are that it will look extremely messy with all the little things thrown on the floor and the shelves. You must be wondering and trying your best to make your home look organized.

Solutions for Storage in Small Homes

A more people are moving from suburbs to main cities, and people try to get rented places for living. Most of them are very small and have limited storage space. Therefore, people like to get services from public storage companies, such as public storage Tulsa that offer reliable services to store your stuff in their storage units. They are effective in case you want to get rid of large items at home.

But, here we are with a solution for smaller stuff that makes a mess in your small home. These are easy, simple and help you arrange your stuff at home, even if you have small space.

  1. Install Cubes and Rectangular Shelves in Your Home

Clutter is something that is essentially present in your home if it is small in size. If you add storage spaces in your room, you will be able to make it look much cleaner. For this purpose, you can add multiple cube-shaped or rectangular shelves all around your home. These shelves will help in gathering a lot of stuff in them. You can make them colorful to look attractive and ta the same time broad enough to collect your stuff.


  1. Add Vertical Space on The Doors

There are plenty of spaces in your house that can be used to store stuff that is narrow in shape and likely to create a mess if not stored properly. For this purpose, you can add vertical wired baskets to the inside of your cupboard doors. This will not only store your stuff but also make it easily accessible when you need it. Moreover, you can even add horizontal shelves in your windows to store your stuff, especially in the kitchen where a lot of utensils are thrown everywhere.

  1. Use Double-Duty Furniture

Another amazing idea to save space in your home is to use double purpose furniture. For instance, you can use a sofa-come-bed type of furniture that you sue according to your requirement. It will help you save space for other furniture items. So, rather than having multiple pieces, use one with multiple possibilities.

  1. Do not Ignore Corners

You can also make use of the corners in your home by adding a table, scale down shelve and stagger shelve to put your cooking or other reading books. You can also put small baskets on these shelves for the smaller stuff that you need regularly.

Using these tips and tricks, you can very effectively store stuff at home. You can not only make your home look cleaner and calmer but also attractive and well organized. All this need some creativity and hard work, but once done you will feel relaxed and proud.


Contributed by: Aaron Gruenke – Foremost expert in bathroom design and fixtures to help you get the most out of your bathroom space.