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After a tiring day, your mind and body need some relaxation. If you can visit a spa, it will be a treat for you. Although, cold weather may restrict your spa trips, so renovate your bathroom to turn it into a spa. This spa will help you to relax in a gloomy winter season. Spa in your house allows you to take the benefits of Super Serum, essential oils, natural herbs, and beautiful flowers. A spa offers a soothing sanctuary in your home.

Your bathtub or shower with a warm bath can de-stress your body and mind. Here are some ideas to recreate a spa experience in your bathroom.

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Pay Attention to Visual Appeal

To get a vibe of a spa in your bathroom, you have to pay attention to its visual appeal. Several spaces work on a specific philosophy: less can be more. With a minimalist style, you can open a room and get some space for a restful and serene feel. To achieve a refreshing and clean spa look in your bathroom, you have to start with your wall color.

Earthy Palette for Walls

Feel free to choose nature-inspired colors like green, gray and brown. With these colors, you can give an organic touch to your bathroom along with calming effects. In a small bathroom, you can choose a neutral and lighter color scheme. Pale green, light gray and beige can be an excellent choice to increase your soothing sense. These colors can give a spacious feeling to a small bathroom.

Dimming Lights in Bathroom

For a romantic, late-night bath before going to bed, you can consider wall sconces or ceiling lights. These lights come with dimmer controls. The dimmer allows you to soften the lighting of your bathroom and get a spa-like feeling while you require a soothing soak in your bathtub.

Installation of dimmer controls may involve electrical wiring problems or complex circuits. Make sure to call a qualified and experienced electrician for this work.

Faux Wood Tiles to Create a Warm Feeling

Wood flooring is right to evoke the feeling of warmth and peace. Unfortunately, this material is not suitable for damp areas. You can get the advantage of technology, such as faux wood tile. This tile is made of porcelain or ceramic tile that emulates the natural texture of wood. Along with exceptional resistance to moisture, the tiles come in different patterns to complement the d├ęcor of a spa bathroom.

Decrease Toiletry Clutter

Clutter can increase your stress, so keep your spa neat and clean by hiding your toiletries. The storage space can be a significant issue in your bathroom. Hiding your toiletries can be a frustrating issue. Instead of increasing your stress, think logically and check all your toiletries. There is no use of storing expired and old toiletries because you are not going to use them in the future. Throw these toiletries and free up good cabinet space.

You will need some counter are for go-to toiletries. Make sure to avoid the visual mess in a spa bathroom. Use clear glass jars to organize your toiletries, Q-tips and cotton balls. Toiletries in jar will become the part of your decoration.

Affordable Amenities for Bath

Hydrotherapy facilities are expensive, so not everyone can afford these facilities. Fortunately, you can use some bath amenities to turn your bathroom into a spa and get the advantage of these facilities.

Start with an affordable soaking bath for your bathroom to pamper yourself. A deep, small bathtub is available for your tiny bathroom. You can enjoy a soothing soak in this tub. A wide variety of scaled-down baths is available to soak.

If you want to create a Zen style, exotic bathroom, you can choose a Japanese bathtub. Compared to other tubs, this soaking tub is deep to submerge your whole body. Several tubs are available with integrated seats to allow you to sit safely and comfortably while enjoying a hot bath.

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Innovative Massage Showerhead

However, a soaking bathtub gives a spa-like feel to your bathroom, but you may use it irregularly. If your small bathroom gets a crowded feel with the presence of a tub, make sure to replace it with a massage showerhead. It will not take extra space in your bathroom. You will use this showerhead on a regular basis.

It would be great to install both items in a bathroom (soaking tub and massage showerhead). In case of a tight budget or tight space, you can sacrifice a soaking tub for an excellent shower and spa-like massage showerhead. A shower can fulfill your relaxation desires.

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