Doesn’t matter you are living in a normal bungalow or at a super luxury villa, a well-mannered bathroom is everyone’s demand.

So to meet up to the expectations of a perfect bathroom you have to renovate it.

Here we are going to tell 10 points which will be including everything from lighting to drainage that you should remember before bathroom renovation:

  1. Plumbing:

  2. We normally see plumbers using 40mm piles in residential bathrooms which get easily clogged by the hair and gunk. The drain should be larger so that it should not clog easily. You can go with a pipe around 50mm in width.

Also if you are a resident of the area where temperature falls below the freezing point during winter it is essential that the water supply line does not get routed.

Let’s move to the next one.

  1. Lighting:

  2. Lighting gives your bathroom the actual glam and Bathroom International You can fix the recessed light to brighten up your bathroom throughout the ceiling. You can even include two lights in your shower for proper shower trim.

Lighting can also let you enjoy the mood; you just have to install a dimmer using which you can make the light go bright or dim according to your mood. While considering lighting don’t forget to think the position of your mirror as it will actually let you play with light. This will even help you during the application of makeup, during Close-ups or even while shaving.

  1. Medicine Cabinet:

  2. Did you reserve the space for a medicine cabinet. You can utilize the space over the shallow vanity and thus can save few centimeters. Adding some extra frames using bathroom product can make it look fabulous and that too within the budget.
  3. Wall-hung Toilet:

  4. This fixture of the wall-hung toilet has gained a lot of positive popularity. They are quite space saving as the tube has been fixed within the wall and the most important part is they will no longer run you out of budget. There is a small short come of this fixture if you made a mind for the floor-mounted unit then you will have to rework the whole supply because of the way these types of toilet drains.
  5. Window In The Shower:

  6. If done with proficiency this can give your bathroom the best look. Before you go with this style there is something I want you all to remember:

Always use a frosted glass.
Use stone jambs along the installation to make it airtight.
Sill should be sloped down the direction of the drain.

  1. Shower Sills:

  2. Just like the window sills, shower sill should always slope in the direction of the shower. Go for quartz or stone as this will not let the water sit on the floor.
  3. Shower Floor:

  4. Go for the smaller tiles in the shower area instead of the larger one as it will provide you with more grips while bathing.

There are many options available in the market for smaller tiles. Bathroom International bathroom products can bring you the best products.

  1. Shower Bases:

  2. There was a time when we use the boring beige colored shower bases. Modernization made changes in this as well as it provided us with beautiful acrylic and porcelain shower bases.
  3. Drawer Storage:

  4. We recommend you to go for drawer storage instead of boring and space eater doors. As compared to doors, drawers are spacious and easy to rework or cut with the help of plumbers.
  5. Choose between Shower Or Bath Tub:

  6. I will ask one question and you will get your answer. How many baths do you take in a year? Yes! Are we choosing the shower now? Bathtubs are good if you have an extra spacious bathroom.

Renovate the bathroom keeping these simple things in mind and trust me you will get the best results.

Author Bio: Prisha Gupta is an experienced writer on topics relating to digital marketing agency, she also writes on trends that make you & your business more successful online.